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Turning Samvær into something more than just a jacket has been a hard process and one that has been a time consuming process.  Since November last year and attending Finders Keepers, a market in the heart of Copenhagen designed for new brands to showcase their products, we have launched our first brand space in a store and launched a stall on the prestigious Spitalfields Market in London.  We have also grown our product range and firmly set out our brand ethos too.

To achieve this we had to really strip everything back.

The launch of our jacket went well and was well received by those interacting with the brand and our products but only when they had the hands on experience, hard for an online brand.  We had to create opportunities to get in front of people and talk to them about our products.  Speaking with customers directly really highlighted what it was about Samvær that people liked and what is was that resonated with them.  Spitalfields Market at Liverpool Street in London was a great chance to speak to customers face to face and it taught us a lot.  It’s great to see that people are really interested in understanding where each garment is made and the environmental impact is production has on the wider world.

The fundamental learning, however, was “if you shout louder than anyone else, you’ll do well”.  Being a new brand with limited means makes shouting loud very hard…but the glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel is that audiences are getting far more contentious and proactive in looking for new brands that are a reflection of their attitudes to consumerism and fashion.  It was this attitude that made us look at the brand and think about how we can be more environmentally friendly.

All our garments have a technical focus whether it be water resistant wool or the incorporation of subtle Hi-Vis design features.  But we want to do more.  As a result we are looking to use more and more carbon neutral, organic, sustainable and ethically produced fabrics.  We are also looking into the production of our first lightweight rain coat made from recycled ocean plastics and an expansion on our very popular Bamboo Viscose Ts.

With that in mind our next blog will take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the production of our first unisex jacket which we’re hoping to roll out in a big way…watch this space…


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