Why we’ve changed our mind on Black Friday…

We posted on instagram that we will be offering some Black Friday deals this Friday along with thousands of other brands.  Since we did this we have had a change of heart and thought we’d take the time to explain why.

There are a number of reasons why we’ve changed our mind and it has certainly been influenced by some other the brands we look to and aspire to be like and their decision to turn their back on Black Friday.  One thing we would like to be very clear about we don’t price our garments and accessories simply to mark them down.  We make them with love, care and attention.  We use UK made fabrics, UK manufacture and we pay for that quality so we can pass it on to you.

We believe that the hard work of people like Hillary who made our range of jackets or Anne who sewed every backpack we sell should have they’re hard work valued at it’s full.  If we’re all honest we don’t need 10 jackets or 5 backpacks but something new every now and then is what we work hard for and that hard work, the treat at the end of it, should last.

To Quote Vivienne Westwood “Buy less, choose well, make it last”

If you would like to buy a backpack that is limited to a run of 16 pieces, or an overshirt that will serve you well over time, built to last then we’re hear to provide that.  If you want discounted products that are a bargain this Friday then the internet is a huge and varied place.  Don’t buy just because it’s a bargain, buy because you value the work and time that has gone into it.


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